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Registration and Team Formation

  • Each team must have a designated leader to handle registration.
  • Typically, teams can consist of 2-4 members, including the leader. A team mentor is optional but recommended.
  • Members can be from different institutions or companies.
  • Projects must be original; plagiarism will result in disqualification.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to All: Students, professionals, and enthusiasts with an interest in blockchain technology.
  • Experience Level: Both beginners and experienced individuals.

Hackathon Rules

  • All work should be done during the hackathon. Pre-existing projects can be used if they are significantly improved during the event.
  • Teams can use libraries, frameworks, or open-source code. However, pre-event work solely for use during the hackathon is not allowed.
  • A working demo and presentation are typically required for submission.

Judging and Awards

  • Projects are often judged based on novelty, technical complexity, user experience, feasibility, and potential for future work progression.
  • Awards vary and are subject to the discretion of the organizer. They may include opportunities for further development and showcasing.

General Conduct

  • Participants are encouraged to collaborate, help beginners, and maintain a respectful and inclusive environment.
  • Participants retain rights to their projects, but grant organizers certain usage rights for promotional purposes.


Participants must agree to the hackathon's terms and conditions and code of conduct. Organizers will comply with data protection laws in handling participant information.