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Frequently Asked Quetions

A premier event bringing together global tech leaders to share, learn, and inspire. It's focused on innovation, collaboration, and tech advancements.

The Summit is set in Taj West End, Bengaluru, India. It is scheduled to happen on 29 & 30 January, 2024.

The overarching theme is tech innovation, with a focus on blockchain. Key themes include blockchain technology, AI, IoT, startup ecosystems, global collaboration, cultural exchange, and sustainable tech futures.

Tech professionals, startup founders, venture capitalists, corporate representatives, tech students.

You can register for the Summit here.

Yes, there are opportunities for startups to showcase their innovations.

Yes, the Summit encourages global participation.

The Summit includes networking sessions for attendees.

Yes, live demos are part of the event's schedule.

The Summit includes pitching sessions for entrepreneurs and startups.

A segment of the Summit where participants create blockchain-based solutions focusing on fintech, health, and sustainability.

The Hackathon will utilize the Diamante Net blockchain network.

Interested participants should register for the Summit and specifically sign up for the Hackathon segment.

  • Participants are encouraged to collaborate, help beginners, and maintain a respectful and inclusive environment.
  • Participants retain rights to their projects, but grant organizers certain usage rights for promotional purposes.
  • Participants must agree to the hackathon's terms and conditions and code of conduct.
  • Organizers will comply with data protection laws in handling participant information.
  • All work should be done during the hackathon. Pre-existing projects can be used if they are significantly improved during the event.
  • Teams can use libraries, frameworks, or open-source code. However, pre-event work solely for use during the hackathon is not allowed.
  • A working demo and presentation are typically required for submission.

Yes, there are awards and recognition for Hackathon winners. Prizes vary and are subject to the discretion of the organizer. They may include opportunities for further development and showcasing.

For more detailed information and updates, please contact the organizers directly.