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Innovation Summit 2024

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Creating a collaborative space that connects groundbreaking technology with strategic investment

The Summit aims to showcase cutting-edge tech, foster global connections, nurture startups, encourage cultural exchange, shape tech policy, and promote sustainable solutions.

About Diamante Blockchain

A pioneering force in the blockchain industry, leading the way with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. Diamante Blockchain empowers businesses with secure, transparent, and efficient blockchain solutions. With a focus on fostering a decentralized future, Diamante Blockchain is at the forefront of revolutionizing industries through its state-of-the-art blockchain applications and services.

About Private office of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan

The Private office of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan is one of the most affluent and influential families globally, have established a formidable presence in the business and startup ecosystem. Their influence extends beyond business ventures, with Abu Dhabi's startup ecosystem rapidly growing under their guidance. Ranked as the fastest-growing in the MENA region and 6th globally, Abu Dhabi, through initiatives like Hub71, is fostering an environment ripe for innovation and entrepreneurship.

This growth is propelled by sectors like Fintech, Cleantech, Agtech, and New Food, which are brimming with opportunities and talent. Their strategic investments and commitment to nurturing a dynamic economic landscape underscore their pivotal role in shaping not only the UAE's economic narrative but also that of the global economy.